20130603-191714.jpgKanye West – Yeezus Download


This is what everyone been waiting for maybe not this blog post but definitely the leak of Kanye West 6th studio album Yeezus. Kanye had been successful for the most part keeping his albums from not leaking in recent history, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy did not leak up until about 3 days upon release which is better than what other rappers can say just ask A$AP Rocky. Watch The Throne did not leak at all, but Yeezus leaked 4 days before release and it caused a major uproar on social media people had already been going crazy waiting for a leak for weeks.

Off the jump it got so many mixed emotions some people hated it, some had mixed feelings on it and others loved it. Soon as you hear that first song you do not know what to expect from it, the mixture of genres is evident and innovative. The first half  of the album is all over the place to be honest, the whole “i am god” concept did not pan out to what he planned for sure because the first few tracks are  doing too much. The second half of the album is definitely much better than the first half.

Yeezus got the same kind of reception 808s and Heartbreaks got, it came out and people were in shock because they expect a lot more. Then again whatever Kanye does is innovative and genre bending so expect other rappers to be birthed from this album just like they did with 808s. A lot of the songs on this album are about Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose if you listen closely to them but those songs are on the second half of the album after hes done praying to himself in the first half. My personal favorites songs on album are “Blood On The Leaves” and “Bound 2”. Those 2 songs are about Kim and Amber, Guilt Trip and Hold My Liquor is also about them.

Yeezus is basically 808s & Heartbreaks of 2013 the innovation and concept of some of the songs. Best believe other rappers will copy Kanye from the cover art of the album to the concept and production, like did with 808s. Personally i did not really like it but the album definitely grows on you.

FINAL VERDICT: I give it a 6 out of 10, expectations were so much higher, it grows on you. Solid second half of album, first half is all over the place.

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