Originality: 2/5

Lyrics: 4/5

Beats: 5/5

Impact: 5/5

Overall: 4/5



………………..we all can agree Joey has mastered the concept of “heartbroken hip hop” and all that emo shit.”



A loose Quarter is a all around good body of work by Jersey City’s own. Joe Budden starts off this tape with a rock feel intro produced by SLV. Throughout the mixtape Joe Budden raps about the same things over and over again. On this tape, Joe Budden’s concepts are very repetitive, but we can all agree Joey has mastered the concept of “Heartbroken Hip Hop” and all that emo shit.


This mixtape serves a great way for new people to see Joe Budden’s creative ways and rhyme schemes. Joey’s punchlines and beat selections go hand in hand on this project. Joe Budden also has great collaborations on this mixtape, working with various artist from his right-hand man Emanny, to TDE’s very own Ab-Soul to even URL’s heavy hitter and also Jersy’s own Tsu-Surf on my personal favorite track “Through My Eyes”


At the end of the day even though Joe Budden might be one of the corniest guys in the music industry, it does not take away from his creativity as an emcee, and possibly top 20 lyricist of the new decade.