Action Bronson – Rare Chandeliers

Lyrics: 4/5

Beats: 5/5

Originality: 5/5

Impact: 3/5

Overall: 4/5

Action Bronson has done it again, he released yet another great project this time with production from the great Alchemist. Bronson had us on hold since his last mixtape Blue Chips but he made up for it with this digital album. Bronson never fails when it comes to production he always has very unique beats with very unique samples that i cannot see other rappers touching, he would get a sample of a salsa song throw a beat on it and make a masterpiece. Lets not forget this guy lyrical ability one of the best new lyrical rappers we have in the game now, Action Bronson spits royalty bars he is a new age king listening to him is like listening to King Henry the 8th give a speech to his harlots and peasants. Bronson occupation is being a chef he raps because he is nice, just like he said it in the album, rapping comes second nature to him hes that talented of a rapper.

The second track “Rare Chandeliers” he rapping about chandeliers this is the most random thing to rap about but nonetheless a great track with great production and samples that fit perfectly with the name, also to start off the album. He used chandeliers as a form of wealth, that went over a lot of people heads. The third track “The Symbol” <=== (video) was perfectly assembled the guitar used and bassline Alchemist did a great job on it and Bronson with his off the wall over the top lyrics killed this track. The symbolism behind the track (pun intended) was amazing, he saying how hes a new rapper but people refer to him as a great already and that he should he the new standard of the rap game, genius. The fourth track “Sylvester Lundgren” has features one of the few with it, when Action has a feature on a track it usually isn’t very good unless its Roc Marciano because his flow and style of rap is unique only a few could mesh with it but  Meyhem Lauren & Ag Da Coroner did very well on it. The fifth track “Randy The Musical” was the only track not produced by Alchemist on this album, the person that produced it (undisclosed name) is being mentored by Alchemist himself so you know this wasn’t going to be bad. “Shootin like a piston, aim for proper distance Live from London, number crunchin Driving gloves with some Asian bitches rubbin me with sponges Expensive lunches, wages off of hunches” this one of the best lines off that 5th track. The sixth track is called “Demolition Man” a lot of people were really excited for this track because of the feature including ScHoolboy Q, they did not disappoint on this one great verses from both of them and the jazzy feel from Alchemist was great, my only problem with this is that the track was way too short. “Eggs on The Floor” is the seventh tack and its different than the others because of how it was set up it started off slow and laid it was good nonetheless, but then the second half of the song he took off and finished murdering it by saying things like “With your moms butt naked cookin’ eggs like Ving Rhames in Baby Boy” his off the wall bars make him one of the best rappers in the game because he mastered the art of doing so, not a lot of people have done that other than Eminem, Pharoahe Monch. The next track features Roc Marciano and must i add that he abuses this beat more than Action for the fact that this is his kind of beat, anyways of the best tracks on the album great overall its a great track to ride to in the winter time with that perfect humming sample. On “Dennis Haskins” he uses a Saved By The Bell reference “Bring Mr. Belding out, that means you getting dismissed”. I love the song “Bitch I Deserve You” this is an ode to rap game by Action, this is my personal favorite with the featured artist being Evidence. The Coming To America line he uses at the end is funny and creative, Evidence also had a great line in this “Boomer Esiason, flyin out the lion’s den” if you watch football you know this reference. “Gateway To Wizardry” features Styles P and he did what he did on Eggs On The Floor, the beat started laid back but then got grimy that was perfect leading towards Styles verse, very well put together. “Blood Of The Goat” is for the hood hence the Sean Price feature. It has dark gloomy beat perfect to listen to outside at night when you are about to go rob someone for their apple products on the train. The final track “Mike Vick”. This guy humor is different than any other rapper because of what he be rapping about, “Don’t make me Mike Vick you” you can see what he means by that its self explanatory, Action is known for naming tracks after people and places it throws people off but do your research about the name then listen to the track and you will catch on to it.

Overall great album no bad verses, amazing production that fit into the name and meaning of songs perfectly and the features were great and fit with the style of the album. Bronson has mastered the art of boasting raps, off the wall lines and clever wordplay with unique references. If you haven’t to listened to Action before this go do so, if you already had listened to him i know he did not disappoint with this album. I’m just mad it was not longer, it was great but it should have been longer he left people wanting more especially on that track with Q.