50. Athletes trying to rap – these clowns on this list, they had a choice to be gangstas or athletes and we see what they chose. Stay in your lane with them garbage bars.


49. Canibus – peep the notepad =====>


48. Keri Hilson – This bitch just corny everything about her.


47. Big Sean – This “man” wore a leather wife beater in 90 degree weather you doing too much fam go have seat in your booster seat.


46. John Cena – He’s a wrestler that attempted to rap that’s self-explanatory. Fan still wear jean shorts with a Lot29 t-shirt he need to exit the premises. 


45. Mike Jones – Worst rapper to ever come out of Houston back then we aint want you and we still don’t, plus Trae Tha Truth snuffed him.


44. Charmalagne tha god – Sometimes he funny but majority of the time hes the biggest dickrider in the entire industry. 


43. Funkmaster Flex – No grown man should dickride as much as this guy does this is unbelievable.


42. Mister Cee – He fucked a tranny. 


41. Macklemore – Look at this bullshit, fam don’t even look like a rapper looks more like some kid you bully in school for lunch money. 


40. Kevin Hart – He does too much, hes under 5’5 therefore he isn’t a man, he repeats jokes and once again he tries too hard.


39. Pitbull – How go you from this  to that 


38. Azelia Banks – How you dissing rappers when you hold absolutely no weight you’re as relevant as Rob Kardashian to his family.


37. XXL – Their bias towards everything Hip-Hop and introduced the world to some of the corniest people on this earth.


36. Everyone involved in crunk music – It was good while it lasted but now that you think of it, it was terrible.


35. Scott Storch – For tricking on Lil Kim and going broke cuz of it and now selling batteries on the A train.


34. MIMS – For being the worse one hit wonder ever in music and for now being a bag boy in Pathmark. Take a look at this pathetic bullshit from livemixtapes.com


33. Gucci Mane – That boy retarded for tattooing an ice cream cone on his face and trynna start beef with Young Jeezy and getting at Yo Gotti for dropping a tape the same day as him, come on Blastoise grow the fuck up that’s some female shit you doing for attention. 


32. Kid Ink – Fake ass wannabe Wiz Khalifa.


31. Roscoe Dash – We know what your name is b no need to spell who you think you are Snoop Dogg? That whole claim that you wrote for R. Kelly stop that shit you garbage no one will allow you to ghostwrite for em and shave that goddamn Mohawk you look like Uub.


30. Everyone involved in reggeaton – All these rappers trynna integrate rap with that bodega music are corny for that shit stick to what you do. The whole reggeaton shit was corny period everything sounded the same and they wasn’t talking about shit.


29. Papoose – Where do we start?? This bafoon still wear a 3XL leather jacket with the 8ball on the back, he still has no album out and proclaimed to be the king of NYC when we know Brooklyn niggas are like crabs they never leave their hood. He look like one of them niggas that was in New Edition, I hope the studio he was recording got destroyed in hurricane Sandy. He the Trick Trick of NY he never seen another state. 


28. Iggy Azelea – Females rappers aint shit regardless we don’t need a white one, we don’t believe all this gun and drug talk stick to cooking and sucking dick for your studio time.


27. Joe Budden – Hes a good rapper just a lame nigga, he lives a lame corny life he threw a BBQ for twitter niggas and video hoes in the process wifed a twitter hoe, them niggas dumb for not robbing him. Hes sensitive he cant take jokes/slander but is willing to dish out and is always complaining shut up and go make some music nigga and stop blocking niggas on twitter that’s a bitch move.


26. Chingy – Do we really have to explain this?? 


25. Da Band –  and E-Ness VS DNA rap battle. E-ness was part of making Da Band just listen to E-Ness verses (the one with the hat)


24. Chris Brown – Hes the OG of fatherless niggas he hit bitches in lambos and dyed his hair all different kinda colors for media attention looking like a faggot, no man should require this much attention cut that bullshit out.


23. Lil Duval – How you unfunny corny comedians, not funny in stand ups or twitter your lack of height is funnier than your jokes. This dude head built like a closed fist.


22. Justin Bieber – He just a faggot ass little kid that look like Ellen Degeneres and suck dick for trukfit.


21. Kreayashawn – This hoe has the worst nudes to ever be leaked in the history on nudes being leaked, I felt like I was looking at child pornography, she look like a crackhead baby llama in the pics. Her music is just horrible I don’t know who allowed to her to record.


20. v-nasty – For being white and saying nigga that whole white girl mob was terrible they need to die and that’ll be all the attention they need. Her whole lifestyle just corny and her teeth look like she chew tables in school.


19. Jojo Simmons – For the older brother and being his little brother maid also for being the Rob Kardashian of his family I know they don’t even notice when he not at reunions.


18. Bow Wow – How go from being a platinum artist to being the host of 106 & Park 


17. MGK – This dude is a clown besides “wild boy” his career reflects that of a clown. It maybe hard to believe but I could actually take flavor flav more seriously than I can this MGK clown.


16. Benzino – This clown dead ass got into beef with Eminem got his career terminated, lost Source magazine gave his house keys the first day he met that hoe Karli and he got no neck he look like Dorian from the movie The Mask 


15. Terrence From 106 – The lamest host to ever host anything on TV plus he was working with Rocsi all those years and never got any cheeks, we know Spanish girls give it up easy he might be gay for all we know cuz he was more excited to see other grown men walk through them curtains to give him dap.


14. Hopsin – Hes the only man ever!! To brag about not getting pussy don’t get me wrong dude nice with the shit he spit but hes arguably one of the lamest people to grace planet earth.


13. Dricky Graham – He is a faggot he stole “dricky” from drizzy and “graham” from Mr. Aubrey Graham. He named himself after another man that’s just straight up gay and he sucks at rapping as well he made a song named “snapback and tattoos” that pretty much explains how much of a lame cornball he is.


12. Trinidad James – This guy just sucks and whoever is letting him record needs to be put in prison. He’s a straight up bum we as Americans need to do better to stop bullshit like this from coming out. 


11. Tyler the creator – Why isn’t he corny?? Feel me? Everything he does is lame he’s a loser b and tries too hard for attention on everything he does, that whole Odd Future crew is filled with losers they don’t know if they’re white or black they confused humans. Its good to be different at times but he try too hard. 


10. BET – This shit is the home of Coonery!!! The got rid of rap city and the basement and kept 106 & Park!!! They then got rid of Free and AJ and got Terrence half gay ass and a Spanish hoe with no ass how backwards is that? They play the movie “Juice” and instead of Pac saying “suck my dick” he says “suck my toe” this network must be stopped.


9. Fabolous – This nigga so corny, first off you over 30 years old talking about “swag king” fuck outta here with that bullshit and general release jordans. His bars are so mediocre and he only good for live songs. This clown is a grown man with a chipped tooth that speaks for itself.


8. B.o.B – He came out trying to be Lupe then Andree 3000 and then took a major left turn when he transformed into Bob Dylan why did TI sign him I have not the slightest clue, he must have had 1 to many of them molly’s.


7. Childish Gambino – This meathead definitely got his name off a Wu-Tang name generator hes terrible at rapping and at being a comedian he. He got corny ass punchlines, looks a virgin and needs to just be a sales rep at Supreme or Obey bumass nigga. 


6. YMCMB – This is the worst collection of rap artist I even seen, Drake gets his period twice a month; nikki minaj forgot she’s a rapper and she got a fake ass. Tyga is single handedly the worst rapper I ever seen with two albums. Drake got the best bars but he still too emotional, Lil Wayne is scum pure filth he need to overdose and die. The rest of them are irrelevant to the group and rap.


5. Flo Rida – This Uncle Tom ass nigga a little bit too big and old (PAUSE) to be making music and acting like this. This man right here is the epitome of corn. Okay he’s getting money by making music for these popular group of people but at what cost? Does the south even claim this clown????


4. Lil B – The Based  God, the only person in the world that gets respect because people laugh at him, not with him. Do we really have to clarify why this man is corny or just let you guys google search this monkey for ya’ll selves? 


3. Soulja Boy – Its sad how this monkey sold more records and ringtones than real artists.  To make matters work, the way this faggot cried at the BET Awards was so gay! 


2. Nick Cannon – This the corniest nigga alive, POINT FUCKIN BLANK! 


1. Lil Mama – What possessed her to do this bafoonery??