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21 year old Virginia Native  who lived back and forth between New York. Draws most of his influences from New Yorks and Virginia’s elite. His sounds can not be described as one specific class of hiphop. He tends to hop from house to  underground beats with ease.  Currently attends College in Norfolk, Va.  Known as SharkCity to the natives. With only one mix-tape under his belt he has quite the hype built. With stunning visuals and smooth vocals his music lands him on top.
New Mix-tape Fever / Dropped October 26th, 2012
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I’m part of a movement called “Dream Hop”. We’re a group of 19 year olds from South Florida that want to make our dreams a reality. Although that sounds cliché and we may seem young but the music speaks for itself and we’re hungry to make our Dream Hop movement a success. We just need a chance to be heard by the world.  We would appreciate if you would listen to our music. The links below are to 3 songs that I’m hoping you’ll like to get a feel for the kind of artist Human Lee is, “Mrs. Frankenstein” and “Reality TV” were both written and produced by Human Lee I also attached the cover art for both of these songs. In an era where trends either mold or define young artists, 19 year old Florida native, Human Lee (born Brandon Avila) has instead taken life experiences and every day human emotions and shaped himself into the artist and person he is today.Human is currently continuing his pursuit of a successful music career while also attending Daytona State College and majoring in sound engineering. With unlimited potential and constant progress from him, it’s only a matter of time until Human Lee becomes a major presence in the music industry.We would like you to give us a serious look and be critical if you could be and give us feedback. The biggest compliment you could give us though would be by posting his music and some of the links on your website. Thank you and I appreciate you taking time to give us a chance. If you have any questions about anything or if you would like me to send anything so that the music can be posted please email me and let me know.