Pro Era

God made 3 bigs 2pacs but he only made 1 era”
– Joey Bada$$

There has been a recent emergence of the “mob mentality” with young up and coming rap artist from TDE to the A$VP MOB, however one of the most solid of all these crews would have to the fairly new Pro Era. While Pro Era has not yet received the main stream popularity of the others, they are in the running for one of the most well rounded cliques on the Hip-Hop scene.

Pro Era is led by the modern 90’s flow rap style of Joey Bada$$, but the talent does not stop there. On the 1999 mixtape Joey Bada$$ teamed up with most of Pro Era artist such as JC Fly, Capital Steez and Kirk Knight to produce some of the best songs on the mixtape. If you heard a Joey Bada$$ song before then you know most artist in the game can not match his lyrical wit, however this is not the case when it comes to the members of Pro Era. On songs such as “Hard Knock”, “Survival Tactics” and “Fromda Tomb”, Pro Era members stood bar for bar with the Bada$$ and in my opinion out staged him on “Survival Tactics”.

The overall talent of the Pro Era crew could be seen on the last song of the 1999 mixtape “Suspect” (which I would love to see a video for by the way), by this point in the mixtape you know what to expect from the prominent members of the crew (Joey Bada$$, JC Fly and Capital Steez).  But the talent level does not drop off from the big names, to my surprise my favorite verse on that song was by their female emcee T’nah. Now if your one of those annoying self proclaimed rap critics that think hip-hop died in the 2000’s, then you will love Pro Era. This crew embodies the style of 90’s rap, airily reminiscent of boot camp clik (in my opinion).

Also make sure ya go check Joey Bada$$ second mixtape Rejex its the tracks that didn’t make it onto 1999, that tape is dope as well. Joey isn’t the only one from Pro Era making music Capital Steez released a mixtape recently called AmeriKKan Korruption make sure ya go listen to that also.

I am looking forward to hearing more music from both Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era, hopefully the next project in the making is a Pro Era mixtape. However there is nothing but time for this young crew, and I’m predicting great things to come.