It’s been in the makings for a long time now, but finally battle rap is beginning to get recognition. This is all thanks to non other than Mr. Smack, who took it from DVDs to the Internet, however with his last event summer madness it’s starting to travel further than the under ground. This is partially due to the famous “you gone get this work” catch phrase used by battle legend Loaded Lux, as a actual fan of battle rap Summer Madness 2 was just ok. There was really only 2 battles I really enjoyed and that was the clash of words with Jon Jon Da Don vs Hitman Holla and the ass whipping Loaded Lux gave Calicoe. With that being said Mr. “You Gone Get This Work” has seemed to be everywhere since the battle debuted, he could be seen in freestyle cyphers with Shaq (lol) to on all your favorite hip hop blog sites. It’s funny how just a few years ago he was on Fulton ave hustling his mix tapes, unlike most battle rappers Loaded Lux could actually make songs tho so I’m interested in seeing if he could take this attention and morph it into a career. While I’m sure most URL battle rappers are pissed Loaded Lux stole the show even though he chocked, I’m also sure that there’s going to be a brand new wave of battle rappers entering the scene any minute now. So shout out to Smack for his grind over the years and to Loaded Lux for destroying MC‘s for like 10 years.