Wildstyle!(Side A) cover art

Lyrics: 5/5

Beats: 5/5

Originality: 4/5

Impact: 3/5

Overall: 4/5

Let me start off by saying if you never heard of this kid you definitely slacking and need to wake up from that new nigga music. Chuuwee isn’t your typical Cali rapper at all don’t sound like them, don’t have the typical Cali beats and certainly ain’t making music for you to dance to. This is definitely one of the best albums to release this year (its an independent digital download album). Chuuwee throughout his short career has been the definition of consistent including works like Watching The Throne and Crown Me King, the concept behind all his work is unique and interesting for example Watching The Throne (that should be self explanatory) then cover is him with a sniper shooting at someone in symbolism of him watching the throne and trying to tell us hes also going to take it.

Chuuwee is from Sacramento, California but you can tell his raps and beat selection that he was influenced by east coast music. Wildstyle! is very unique and its very interesting what he did with it, the influence of this album is basically 90s rap if you’re familiar with old school rap you would recognize it immediately and love this album.  Chuuwee waited 5 years to drop this album he was very selective with beats and put lots of thought into his lyrics to try and recreate the golden era of rap which was the 90s. He uses some Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Big L, Biggie, AZ chants in this, check out The Livest One, The What?!, Put It On, Boom Bap Funk and Honey Struck and you’ll see what i mean that he tried to recreate 90s rap, the whole album does but check those out and ya will recognize em. On PC<3 hes addressing the social media and love found on it very good track because this actually happens everyday on social networks. This kid got bars for days and an old school flow you cant help but like, also uses a rhyming scheme that’s reminiscent to a few of the greats. This album is very unique because he mixes the old school feel with new school feel, what Chuuwee is trying to do via his music is what Joey Bada$$ is doing young kid trying to bring back the old school or remind us of what it used to be.

Wildstyle! consists of great lyrics, wordplay, flow and beats. Invite homies over throw some 2k on, bring out the 40OZ, light the spliff play this and he will have ya reminisce on great times, also have ya thinking hes an old school rapper with the way he flows and beat selection you could never tell hes from SacTown. this is real laid back cool album and this is only the first part (hence side A in the tile) the second part drops in December  and its basically a reminiscence of Classic Vinyl Albums. Chuuwee could use some better features to get a little more recognition and by better by features i mean some meaningful ones like Joey Bada$$,Kendrick Lamar dudes like that to see how he ranks in tracks with them.

This is definitely one of the best albums and artists i know ya haven’t heard of i supplied a link to the album go download and listen closely to great music. Wildstyle! is a great album, very laid back but yet makes you have to listen closely to catch what he says. Chuuwee is gonna start a bidding war soon hes talented and deserves a major label deal i can see him signing with Interscope for some reason but that’s just me. Listen to Wildstyle! let me know what you think and how you rank it with the best album this year.