Originality: 4/5

Lyrics: 3/5

Beats: 4/5

Impact: 2/5



Troy Ave is a rapper from Brooklyn, NY most maybe haven’t heard of him but after this you’re going to especially if you like that dope boy/street music. In my opinion this is one of the best mixtapes this year, with a plethora of trap/dope boy music coming out of the south, Troy Ave releases this for the east coast  and strictly for the streets. Troy is slanging crack throughout this mixtape telling street stories, how to cook crack, sell it, why he do it you can say he slanging rhymes for the streets, nothing but realness comes out of this mixtape. Throw on “The Wire” and listen to this mixtape and guarantee you’re gonna want to hop on a corner sell crack and stick up drug dealers.

Troy makes it clear what he gonna rap about in the first track when he says “I ain’t gonna tell you ima show you” and certainly doesn’t fail at filling you into the drug dealing life and street life from NYC. In the second track “Lord As My Witness” he explaining that he knows what he doing is wrong but he gotta get his money one way or another, nothing but crack on that track b. On “Cokemania” he showing you how to cook that crack, paint that picture in your head or get in the kitchen and do it yourself and the feature “Avon Blocksdale” if you have watched The Wire you know where that name came from. Fast forward to “Red Cup” this is a summer track throw on at a BBQ with your homies invite some harlots over and just chill.

F.U.B.U. “For Us By Us” is my personal favorite track on this mixtape he went off on this track, the beat was on point and lyrics slanging nothing but raw. In this track he combines a little bit of everything show you how to cook the crack, distribute it and all that. “Super Cool” another chill track telling a quick story, explaining how he a cool dude but he will kill if he had to. The track “RNS” should be self explanatory, “nigga got you crying and your eyes all puffy, revenge like the sweetest joy girl gimme that pussy, RNS”. “Only giving bitches work either dick or a brick either way you lift ya skirt” tell me that ain’t RNS. “Shame” he talking about fake niggas and trifling hoes, “time is money, talk is cheap is, so is life and i could make you an expense so watch your feet” he went off on this joint too, he addressing a lot of bafoonery in the streets and industry “popeyes, Kennedy i’m not one of these niggas in the industry” he addressing these soft dudes in that line, “when you outta town be humble, every hood got its own jungle, underestimates be for the fakes while the real relate to what guns do” finished off that track perfectly.

To sum it up this mixtape for the streets nothing but crack lines and rhyme slanging, it addresses the soft dudes in the industry and outside world, also the harlots that surround us. Very underrated mixtape just for real niggas so they can relate, make sure you listen to it and not get caught selling crack. #POWDErrrr