Lyrics: 3/5

Beats: 4/5

Impact: 3/5

Originality: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

The NYC rap legend Sean Price is back with another solo album. Let me start off by saying Sean Price didn’t really care much with this album it sound like he just went in the studio after him and his boys robbed people in the train stations for iPhones and other electronics. The name of the album fits it perfectly because Sean Price really sounded like he was angry at someone while recording this and took it out on the mic.
Nonetheless this album can be considered really good or really bad it just depends, if you’re into straight raw gangsta rap you’ll love it but if you don’t like gangsta rap and more into that southern and conscious rap this isn’t for you. This the kind of of album you sit on top of the benches in the projects connect your iPod to speakers blast this and get to bullying people walking by. If you walking outside at night by yourself and you hear a bunch of dudes listening to this just walk the opposite way or you just asking to get robbed and left for dead in front of a bodega. As I listen to it I just wanna go outside drink a 40 smoke a black and take everyone iPhone 5.
Anywho back to the album we all know what Sean Price is about if you’ve been a fan of him since the 90s you gonna like it, if you never heard of him go listen to his old shit when he was part of Heltah Skeltah or listen to his first solo album Monkey Barz. The lyrics in this album on point for the hood could’ve had a little more substance give us a story or something Sean P. The production was great some of em include The Alchemist, 9th Wonder and Evidence. Features were good too “Frankenberry” with Buckshot and “BBQ Sauce” with Pharoahe Monch. For an album strictly for the hood the hooks were on point.
Overall the album could’ve been better should’ve had a little more substance but then again Sean Price is 40 I’m sure he just released this to get a little extra bread and to witness the crime rate rise in NY. Price is from Brownsville one of the worst projects in NYC so you know they’re rejoicing with this new black hoodie rap. To wrap it up if you’re current gang member or just into hood music this is for you throw on your hoodie and and black construction timberlands rob people and stomp em out.