Lyrics: 4/5
Beats: 3/5
Impact: 2/5
Overall: 3/5

Brooklyn has known for pumping out countless rap talent, and this theory has not been disproven when it comes to the Brooklyn rapper Curt@!n$. However the young star has been known to pop up make an amazing mix tape then go AWOL, this is the main reason a lot of you aren’t fully aware of his name and bio of work. On the other hand for those of us, who have experienced his works like the wu-dissertation and the killer tape, we know what to expect from any Curt@!n$ project and that is absolute mastery of every song. This hasn’t changed in his new mix tape 23, only difference is there way less music than previous tape, and to that I say COM’ ON SON! How you gone leave us waiting for almost an entire year or more without any music at all, then come back with 6 songs! While the songs are all great still COM’ ON SON, hopefully this is just a sample of what Curt@!n$ has in store for his fans and it will only be 2 months till his next project. Either way you should definitely listen to this mix tape, I f you enjoy really good music then you will enjoy “23”.

– D