Beats: 5/5
Originality: 3/5
Impact: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

It pains me to say but I am not at all impressed with Wiz Khalifa‘s Cabin Fever 2. I delayed passing judgment on it hoping that after a few listens it would grow on me, just like the first Cabin Fever did. Unfortunately it didn’t, while it seems that Wiz followed the script of ratchet music just as the original consisted of I have to say it just isn’t as good. One of the problems with Cabin Fever 2 is the uptempo aggressive instrumentals don’t work well with Wiz’s new laid back flow. Another problem is the choruses don’t meet the standards, and we all know that the chorus is the most important part of ratchet music. I can see that Wiz used this mixtape as an outlet to push his newest Taylor’s in Mr. Bands aka Juicy J, and newest to the family Problem. You already know what to expect from Juicy J, however Problem was a nice surprise he held his own. My biggest complaint is no Chevy Woods, I understand trying to promote the team but there’s no way any Wiz Khalifa mixtape should not have Chevy Woods on it.
On the other hands this maybe good news for all you Taylor’s out there, due to the fact the first Cabin Fever was amazing and Rolling Papers wasn’t. So that means there’s a chance that ONIFC will be great. At least thats what’s I’m hoping, if you haven’t heard Cabin Fever 2 yet then I think you should check it out. The mix tape does have it bright spots, it’s just not as promising as other Wiz Khalifa projects.