Originality – 5/5

Lyrics – 4/5

Beats – 5/5

Impact – 3/5

Overall – 4/5
Brooklyn MC Skyzoo leaves his mark on 2012 with A Dream Deferred. Whenever Skyzoo gets in the booth, lyricism is always a given. His style is real smooth and almost sounds effortless with his over-your-head wordplay and all the references to sneakers, sports and urban film that he’s known for in between, that may even turn him off towards the casual listener. Honestly, over-the-top lyricism is probably the only thing holding this album back, but just barely. Skyzoo also got some top notch production from heavyweight producers like !llmind, 9th Wonder, Jahlil Beats and Eric G to craft the perfect backdrop for Sky to do his thing on. The production is real hypnotic sounding with crisp, hard drum sounds on top of them. Sky even pushed a few boundaries by having a dubstep type joint on there, that’s actually pretty fire and adding some beautiful ass horn solos and what not at the end of some of the tracks, which ain’t really a surprise seeing that Sky is a known jazz connoisseur, twitpicing a jazz record every Sunday. Overall, this album really isn’t for the casual listener at all, but if you’re looking for dope lyricism over flawlessly composed beats, this is the album for you.
Guest Writer Eric