Originality: 2/5

Lyrics: 3/5

Beats: 4/5

Impact: 3/5

Overall: 3/5

The current Coke Boy and former Riot Squad member out of Far Rock, America. Chinx Drugz’s mixtape Cocaine Riot 2 definitely lends some credence as to why he is pretty much the only Coke Boys member besides Flip, Cheeze and Charlie Rock to be heavily featured with French Montana and his Coke Boys mixtape series and probably lay some bars down on Montana’s upcoming album “Excuse My French” whenever that’s supposed to be, but I digress……. You probably should not be expecting Chinx to be versatile in the subjects he raps about and should expect him to talk about all he knows: The streets and the lifestyle that comes with it; money, females and drugs. The tried and true formula may not be a hit with the new age backpack rap fans, but for those who like to listen about the hardcore realities of life and the glamorous lifestyle of hustling in the streets. Overall, Cocaine Riot 2 was a decent mixtape that had some solid features with Wale, Action Bronson and the obligatory French Montana cosigns. His song, Road to Riches was probably the best on the mixtape along with Perfect Picture feat. Action Bronson. The production was solid coming from Harry Fraud, an up and coming producer well known for His trademark “La Música De Harry Fraud” ad lib. If you from NY and like French Montana and Max B music you gon definitely like this. Definitely not lyrical nothing great just real shit, bump in the car music chilling with the homies music check it out if you haven’t already.