Originality: 3/5
Lyrics: 4/5
Beats: 5/5
Impact: 2/5
Overall: 4/5

DJ Drama out did himself with this one but if this album would’ve dropped early in the summer it definitely would’ve had way more hype. DJ Drama said about 4 words and dropped a really good album, it would be cool though to see if he got bars or not since he around so much music and artists he should be able to spit something, he could be this era Dr. Dre if he get a ghostwriter think about it. Whenever you see Drama cosign something you know to go listen because more than likely its gonna be really good.

The features on this album are great just look at the lineup it looked like wrestlemania all he missed was Kanye and Jay-Z, that would’ve just been too real for the streets. Anywho, lyrics were iight could’ve definitely been better couple of stand outs though like Ludacris on “We In This Bitch” and Tyler, The Creator on “Ima Hata”. ” My name is louder, you rappers need to hush more My president’s Mount Rushmore” yeah Ludacris bodied his verse then Tyler was spitting some real bars too that “I’ma Hata” track is a subliminal track to mad people which is kinda cliche but Tyler did go off. Kendrick Lamar also went off on “My Way” go listen to that a lot of what he says go over people head, Common was on that track as well so you know its a must listen.

The hooks were flawless, of they’ll be when you got T-Pain, Cee-Lo Green, Lloyd, Roscoe Dash etc., the hooks on some of the songs made them that much better. There were a couple of songs on the album that could’ve been left off or had better features like “My Audemars” with Meek Mill, Birdman and Gucci Mane I think its self explanatory as to why it should’ve been left of or had better rappers on it. Also the track “Pledge Of Allegiance” with Wiz Khalifa, Planet VI & B.o.B that definitely could’ve had better rappers on it the hook was dope, beat was dope just the dudes on it ain’t make the cut. “Moniques Room” by Fred The Godson definitely deserves to be deleted its annoying as hell he sound like a baby seal crying for it’s mother and the Monique being spoken about better not be Monique from the Parker’s cuz I’m deleting it off my iTunes. Corey Gunz….why was he on the album? Probably his empanada stand got revoked by the city and needed bread asap, no need for him.

Overall its really good but like I said before if this album dropped in June you would still be listening to it now in October. This album gonna fall under the radar because of everything else dropping this month but nonetheless its good make sure you go cop!.