Originality: 1/5

Lyrics: 2/5

Beats: 4/5

Impact: 2/5
Overall: 2/5  Aluminum “Wack” 
“Lil Wayne once again managed to create the WORST mixtape of the year, AGAIN…..”
When it comes to Mr. Dwayne Michael Carter aka Lil Wayne, or Lil Tunchi, or whatever he calls himself nowadays, as a group of hip-hop heads we all can and should admit that he is far from the emcee that dropped 2005’s critically acclaimed Tha Carter 2. It really bothers me as a man that studies this craft and culture known as rap music that its 2012 and Wayne’s last hot featured verse was on Drake’s 2010 single “Miss Me”. In 2011 Lil Wayne has managed to drop the worst mixtape, album, and featured verse (The Motto) of the year. As dedicated fans I understand you guys were like “Well he’s gonna be back on top next year, every rapper has his/her moment” WRONG! Cause this year Lil Wayne once again managed to create the WORST mixtape of the year, AGAIN being the key word!
Dedication 4 portrays some of the weakest bars ever recorded. The one thing that saved this mixtape was the fact that the Young Money General was spitting over some great instrumentals. Wayne raps over some of the hardest instrumentals in the game such as “Cash Out”, “Burn”, and the ever popular “Mercy”. Rocnation‘s own J.Cole was featured on this tape and I do believe that’s what attracted most people to even listen to this atrocity of a mixtape. This mixtape so trash that Wayne makes MLK seem like the greatest writer of all time, it make you wanna throw an instrumental on a MLK speech scratch it up a bit and keep on repeat, I know MLK dream would’ve turned into a nightmare if he heard this sorry excuse for music. This is sad because on every feature he got bodied it makes you wanna fast forward to just the featured artist verse but I’m sure ya already been doing that. Lil Wayne spit on the “Get Smoked” beat and a 13 year old had a better verse than him he should’ve never touched this beat he’s disrespecting Lil Mouse by doing so, us as fans should encourage Lil Mouse to sue him for even thinking of using this beat, the song was better off on YouTube with just Mouse. The best verse on this mixtape was J. Cole on “Green Ranger” but ever since “Tha Carter 4” Wayne has gotten bodied on every single one of his tracks, Wayne is better off dropping instrumental mixtape, matter fact he should do us all a favor and become like DJ Drama or DJ Khaled and just have albums and mixtapes of features and not say a word maybe scream “tunechi” here and there that’s it.
After thoroughly listening to this mixtape I pray to the Rap Gods that Lil Wayne was just throwing out these bars to satisfy his fans and getting ready to put out that old Weezy F. flow to use on his upcoming project I Am Not a Human Being II.Old Wayne ain’t never coming back he’s making his money got a strong fan base and is off the drugs so his fans better get used to projects like Dedication 4 and Tha Carter 4. Oh Yeah if you buy TrukFit you are gay cuz there is no TrukFit apparel for women and ya heard what Wayne said in the song “Pop That”.