Lyrics: 4/5
Beats: 4/5
Originality: 5/5
Impact: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Let me start off by saying if you’re sleeping on dude or never heard of him you better lay off the NyQuil music and listen to this. Reks is an MC from Boston lots of people haven’t heard of him, fam is nice as hell.

The first track of this album is called “Autographs” he spitting about everything that comes with his fame how ain’t no one cared but he autographing breasts and doing all these other things that you can only dream about. If you a up and coming artist you’ll definitely like this track. The second track “Sit/Think/Drink” is a sample from Common on his album “Resurrection” so you know it gon be real as hell, the beat, the concept of the track just a great track overall. You ever sit at home drink and just think about life and how messed up everything is? You definitely gon feel this track and you lonely as hell BTW.

Reks voice reminds me of Royce Da 5’9 if Royce was just chilling and not rapping like he on ecstasy. Reks is lyrical got nice flow and make music for society you could relate to this off the back if you have struggled, raising kids on ya own etc. He rap for the hood but in a non gangsta, drug related way. The beats on this album are really good, the features are nice, you could relate to it especially if you from the hood witnessed all the bafoonery but never was a part of it. If Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole or Kanye West dropped this album it would’ve gotten noticed but since its Reks its under the radar, let’s spread the word on this album get dude recognized he real.

The seventh track on this album “Parenthood” is a great track about raising kids in the hood and trynna raise em right. Of course they gon witness all the foolishness but the goal is to make it through parenthood in the hood with your child not part of the hood, feel me? Good. The eight track on this joint is “Break Ups” if you ever wanted to be with a girl but she already got a man but you know you can do better than dude, you gon love this track.

The way he started off the album he had lots of energy flow and beats were on point, later in the album he started slowing down being more mellow, I mean it ain’t bad but start off strong finish strong, nahmean.

Overall its a great album go listen to it, one of the best albums this year and it has gone unnoticed until now. If you into the whole conscious rap movement you gon feel this joint, listen to it leave comments left me know what you think on it.

– Jay