Originality: 5/5
Lyrics: 5/5
Beats: 5/5
Impact: 3/5
Overall: 5/5

I know this is about to cause pandemonium but I have to call it as I see it, and the way I see it Lupe Fiasco has the best album of the year so far! Yes I’m my mind “Food & Liquor 2” surpasses “Life is Good”, and I understand the shock your probably going through right now but if you happen to press play on F&L2 it would all begin to make sense real soon.  In all honesty I was a little skeptical on what I should expect from this album especially after the debacle that was “Lasers”. But from the first song out “Strange Fruition” it seemed as if Lupe told Atlantic to kiss his non pork eating ass and went back to the lyricism and content we as fans have grown to love and expect.

Many would say that Lupe has set how to cause controversy with his anti-government lyrics and countless reasons why he doesn’t vote (even for the first ever black president… Which I don’t support), but if you’ve followed Lupe’s career then his anti-government lyrics should surprise you in the least bit. Lupe’s political views are all over F&L2, but the main criticism of F&L2 would have to been Lupe’s attempt at singing on Audubon Ballroom.
However Lupe offers a barrage of lyrics in every verse of every song on this album plus unique instrumentals in a way that only the Chicago veteran can. In almost every song you will have that “oh shit” moment in which you have to rewind what was just said.
“Been in the stu all day cooking food for thought
Now out the soup du jour for you and yours
Might find sushi for your soul,
we call that moving raw”
Yea it’s lyrics like this that make you wonder why the radio insist on playing bullshit like anything Young Money (with the exception of Drake “sometimes”).  What really elevated my appreciation for Food & Liquor 2  was “Cold War” this was the first time Lupe let the fans into his personal life and talked about the passing of his brother.
I’m pretty sure your wondering if this is the best album of the year then why hasn’t it received any publicity, that’s because Lupe refuses to be Atlantic’s slave nor would he agree to a 360 contract. However that another topic, Lupe has released 3 singles for this album which in my opinion are all fire. The first single “Around my Way” samples “reminisces over you” and Lupe absolutely destroys this instrumental while delivering a heart felt message of all the poisons in the hood. The second single was “Bitch Bad”, this single touched on the twisted mind frame of the youth when it comes to the word BITCH *two short voice*. The latest single is “Lamborghini Angel” in which Lupe dives into his well of creativity and delivers you lyrics, flow and a catchy hook over a dope beat which in my opinion should be constantly played on all radio stations. Lupe Fiasco does not receive the respect he deserves as one of rap most lyrical artist of all times,  but he continues to bust you over your head with great albums and Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Story part 1 is no exception. So if you haven’t given it a listen yet I think you should go buy or download it (hip-hop cafe don’t judge) as long as you listen to the REAL that’s been missing in hip hop.