Originality: 4/5

Beats: 5/5

Lyrics: 4/5

Impact: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

“I be that pretty motherf**ker HARLEMS what I’m repping”

First and for most, Happy Birthday Rocky! In 2011 the A$AP MOB splashed on to the scene with the release of Live Love A$AP by non-other than that pretty motherfucker A$AP ROCKY. At first this mix tape received mixed reviews from people utterly hating the southern flow used by a New York rapper, to a new culture of new school trill rap fans. However you feel about the rhyme style used by rocky, this mix tape has had a huge impact on the rap game. From Rocky getting signed for the innumerous price of 3 million dollars to change of what is considered “New York” rap. The production on this mix tape is AMAZING! Rocky worked with many up and coming producers from A$AP Ty to Clams Casino, and none of the producers let him down. Track after track you are hit with uniquely airy and bass heavy beats that takes you into the purple world of the A$AP MOB. However this isn’t a mix tape filled with banging beats and trill concepts Rocky gets on every track and does his thing, in a few tracks there are lyrical lapses but his southern/ bone thugs and harmony flow usually makes up for that.

The A$AP MOB has taken a lot of flak for being from New York and having southern influenced flows, I say F**K that on Live Love A$AP rocky used the southern rhyme scheme to convey his New York Story. This mixture of Southern slang and New York Brashness combined for very different sound that has swept the nation.

– D