Flatbush Zombies- D.R.U.G.S.

Originality: 3/5
Lyrics: 4/5
Beats: 4/5
Impact: 2/5

Overall 3/5

It’s being done again, the Flatbush Zombies have made there mark in the drug rap game. Its seem as of lately that all rapper boast about its their drug intakes and the Zombies have not strayed away from this fad. However unlike most who try the Flatbush Zombies actually have talent at it, lyrically this mix tape is good the Zombies have their own unique way in which they talk about their drug intake and their outlook on the world through their drug induced sight. Honestly with the production and lyrically talent that has been displayed on this mix tape it could have easily been rated as a 4 or 5, however due to the over saturation of drug induced rap in the hip hop culture this mix tape gives you the not again feeling. I’m my musical opinion i rate this mix tape a 3 out of 5 its far from bad but nothing that gives me that OH REWIND THAT! feeling, however due to the fact that I’m a Flatbush Native i kinda want to give it at least a 4.